About Us


Tim + Jordan 

Our photography journey started 7 years ago when Tim brought home his first camera to document our life together. Ever since then, we've been photographing clients and developing this passion together.

We're based out of Southeast Michigan, but we love to see new places and meet new people! We can't wait to work with you and we're so humbled by the opportunity to provide you with memories to last a lifetime. 


Sarah Gillean

Sarah loves working with pets and children and has done beautiful work joining us shooting weddings! She is so sweet and has gotten nothing but great reviews!

Why Hire a Husband and Wife Team?

There's Two of Us

Being a team gives us the opportunity to divide and conquer. Two photographers = two unique views, two unique sets of photos, and all the angles and creativity! By splitting up the work, we save our client's valuable time to celebrate their big day how they want to. We also provide our clients the chance to feel more comfortable for those more intimate moments including getting into their tuxes and dresses.

We've Been There

We understand. You've planned your wedding day for months (and maybe even years!) You want everything to be perfect. We are here to take the stress off your shoulders. Not only have we photographed countless weddings, we celebrated our own in September 2018. We know what photos are important to you, and you can trust us to provide those timeless moments from your big day. By working together ahead of time, we'll create a personalized game plan for your wedding day to ensure you truly have the best day ever and the photos to prove it.

We Love Working Together

Unlike other photography teams, we're always working together! In our marriage and in life, we do everything together. We've had many years to understand each other and learn to work together. When it comes to photographing weddings, we've developed our own roles and responsibilities. This ensures the best time management and the best quality photos for what we each specialize in.